Day Before Your Appointment

  Do not drink any Alcohol- it will thin our blood and may cause more pain.


  Eat well and drink plenty of water. This helps regulate the blood glucose level in your body. Make sure to stay hydrated.  

  Get a good night of sleep. Don’t be nervous!     

After Care after your Appointment

Aftercare is Important!!!!

 Your Tattoo was carefully created by a professional. To ensure a top quality tattoo, The rest is up to you. Please strictly follow these simple care instructions. For the healing process of this tattoo to ensure maximum results and to avoid any error in your part.    

  Wash hands with warm water with liquid Antibacterial hand soap.  Remove bandage after 1 hour. Wash Tattoo with semi warm water & a mild soap. Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean towel or paper towel. Immediately after you wash the area apply a THIN layer of Bacitracin. Rub in the Bacitracin until thin.  Do not re-bandage your tattoo!!   

  Always wash your hands prior to touching & lotioning your tattoo.

 Don’t let other people touch your tattoo.  

 Put the Bacitracin on your tattoo 2 to -3 hours, for the first 2-3 days.

 After the 2-3 days you can apply “Tattoo aftercare products”  ( which we sell ) or any fragrance free, Alcohol free lotion for 2 weeks. 

 Do Not Soak your tattoo for 2 weeks.

 NO Pools, Bathtubs, Sauna or swimming. Short showers are okay, however, it is important to wash the tattoo daily.  

 Do Not Pick at any scabs that might form. This can pull the color out of your tattoo.  

 Your tattoo might inch during the healing process, this is normal, but do not scratch it!!  

  Your tattoo will heal much like sunburn. It will peel, this is Normal as well.  

  Stay away from Neosporin or other scar ointments: They can draw the ink out and prevent your tattoo from healing properly.  

Continuous Care Living with your tattoo

  Make sure to use lots of sunscreen once your tattoo has completely healed!! Sunlight & Tanning Booths are the worst things that can happen to a tattoo.   

  It is very important to follow these instructions, Do Not listen to friends or people who have used different products while healing their tattoo. This is what we have found that works best for your customers. If you have any difficulty or questions while your tattoo is healing you should call us for assistance.  

  Please return after 2 weeks so the artist can check the healing process.